Controlled Withdrawal™

The Controlled Withdrawal™ technique is a unique feature of the G-EYE™ endoscope and the NaviAid™ family, enabling a thorough investigation of the bowel, improving visibility, detection and stability of the endoscope. While using the G-EYE™ Controlled Withdrawal™ implies withdrawal of the endoscope while having the G-EYE™ balloon partially inflated, thereby straightening haustral folds, smoothening bowel topography, improving visibility and decreasing bowel slippage.

While using the NaviAid™ single balloon devices, Controlled Withdrawal™ is implemented once the endoscope has been fully advanced and should be withdrawn from the bowel, typically while examining the intestine. It is applied by positioning an anchoring balloon forwardly of the endoscope tip and , the NaviAid™ device may be operated to perform steps in a reverse order, thereby withdrawing the endoscope from the bowel in a controlled and monitored manner. This provides optimal lumen view, and prevents slippage, which may cause certain pathologies to be missed and reduce detection yield.

Controlled Withdrawal™ while employing the NaviAid™ ABC is of high clinical importance in colonoscopy, as the colon is typically examined mostly on the way out.

Controlled Withdrawal™ is also clinically beneficial when investigating the small bowel while utilizing the NaviAid™ AB device.