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Key Features

  • Fast and safe completion of challenging colonoscopy
  • Introduced upon need, through the colonoscope's instrument channel
  • Enables Controlled Withdrawal™ of the colonoscope
  • Working with your standard endoscope
  • Maintains endoscpe's biopsy and therapy capabilities
  • Intuitive, easy to operate

Being an on-demand device, the NaviAid™ ABC can be introduced when need arises in the course of colonoscopy, without the need for pre-mounting or other pre-procedure preparations. Therefore, the device may be used ad-hoc without interrupting the course of examination and without advance decision, an essential attribute as most challenging colonoscopies cannot be predicted prior to the procedure.

The NaviAid™ ABC is FDA cleared and CE Marked, and is being used clinically. Large-scale Commercialization of the device is planned for the near future.

With NaviAid™ ABC -
        Your GI Endoscope Can Accomplish so Much More!