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Key Features

  • Permanently integrated re-usable balloon
  • No over-tube, no preparation prio to the procedure
  • Both colonoscopy and upper GI endoscopy
  • Intuitive, easy to operate, short learning curve
  • Supports additional NaviAid™ devices

The G-EYE™ endoscope maintains the optical and mechanical features of the standard endoscope but transforms it into a versatile, high-performance endoscope by having a reusable balloon at the bending section. Performing Controlled Withdrawal™ during colonoscopy the G-EYE™ endoscope increases polyp detection yield by straightening intestinal folds, smoothening colon topography, centralizing endoscope optics and eliminating bowel slippage.


By anchoring the balloon in the colon, the G-EYE™ endoscope enhances therapeutic capabilities by endoscope stabilization, allowing for quick and easy application of endoscopic accessories.


In addition, using the G-EYE™ endoscope in combination with other NaviAid™ single use devices, an on-demand, two balloon endoscopy system enables optimized ultra-deep small bowel enteroscopy, or two balloon colonoscopy.