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The G-EYE™ endoscope relies on a standard endoscope, having a permanently integrated, reusable balloon at its bending section. This novel endoscope enables increased diagnostic yield during colonoscopy, endoscope stabilization during therapy, and extended operation range in the colon, small bowel and entire GI tract. Employing a unique Controlled Withdrawal™ technique with the balloon partially inflated, the G-EYE™ endoscope provides austral folds straightening and enhanced detection capabilities. Upon need, the balloon can be readily inflated to anchor and stabilize the endoscope during intervention.

The G-EYE™ endoscope, together with the NaviAid™ AB or NaviAid™ ABC  through-the-channel balloon devices, provide an ultimate assembly for performing deep and swift two-balloon endoscopy while avoiding the limitations of other balloon techniques. With the NaviAid™ G-EYE™ system there is no need for mounting and pre-procedure preparation, no over-tube usage and no extended learning process. The G-EYE™ endoscope balloon and the balloon of the AB or ABC are controlled simultaneously by the NaviAid™ SPARK2C inflation system. The G-EYE™ endoscope is CE marked. It is not FDA cleared yet.