NaviAid™ - Beyond Conventional Limitations

SMART’s NaviAid™ Platform is designed to overcome the major challenges in GI endoscopy. Lead by the G-EYE™ endoscope, the platform includes also a variety of single-use balloon devices. The NaviAid™ products enhance capabilities and range of existing endoscopy, in an intuitive and cost-effective manner. Numerous of procedures have been performed in the US, Europe and Israel demonstrating the platform value and its importance for achieving better results and treatment in a cost efficient manner.

The G-EYE™ endoscope and the NaviAid™ products provide various advantages:

  • Increasing polyp and adenoma detection yield
  • No pre-mounting or pre-procedure preparation
  • No additional per-procedure cost in standard colonoscopy
  • Improve and simplify therapy and interventional endoscopy
  • Perform on demand two-balloon deep small bowel enteroscopy
  • Perform on demand two-balloon colonoscopy

Implementing the NaviAid™ single-use balloon catheters enables also:

  • Use your standard endoscope to perform balloon endoscopy in small bowel or colon
  • Increase examination range and yield
  • Enable improved detection in enteroscopy and colonoscopy

SMART’s G-EYE™ endoscope has already proved its safety and efficacy in increasing polyp and adenoma detection rates in several trials. The NaviAid™ AB for performing deep ileoscopy and upper enteroscopy already commercially available and the NaviAid™ ABC for fast completion of challenging colonoscopy is coming soon.

All NaviAid™ balloon devices are supported by a common inflation technology implemented in the NaviAid™ SPARK and NaviAid™ SPARK2C. The NaviAid™ consoles are simple to operate, low cost systems, which provide controlled air inflation and deflation for the various balloon products.

The SMART NaviAid™ platform builds on endoscopy center's existing assets - knowledge, technology, and staff - and facilitates enhanced capabilities and increased productivity, in a variety of endoscopy procedures. Featuring ease of use and a cost-effective approach, NaviAid™ is the ideal solution for your needs, enabling you and your staff to leverage your medical expertise.

The G-EYE and the NaviAid SPARK2C are not for sale in the US.