Endoscopy, The SMART Way
Is the G-EYE® to be used with a specific brand of endoscope?
The G-EYE® can be based on any brand name endoscope. Based on our certification and subject to the regulatory approval in the country of use we can convert PENTAX, OLYMPUS, FUJIFILM and other endoscopes to G-EYE®
How can the G-EYE® balloon be cleaned?
While in the examination room and like for all other endoscopes you are using; the entire G-EYE® endoscope will have to undergo a wipe down according to the applicable guidelines. For this purpose, the inflated G-EYE® balloon with its sleek surfaces will be wiped thoroughly allowing complete removal of any residuals with ease. Always refer to the detailed reprocessing manual for reprocessing instructions of the G-EYE® endoscope.
How can the G-EYE® balloon be reprocessed?
The G-EYE® balloon will fit into your current reprocessing regime, as it does not require dedicated detergents, chemicals or AER. Always refer to the detailed reprocessing manual for reprocessing instructions of the G-EYE® endoscope.
Is the G-EYE® balloon reprocessing validated and certified?
We have had several different and external expert laboratories from various countries verifying our compliance with applicable standards for reprocessing.
What is the durability of the G-EYE® balloon?
The G-EYE® balloon was developed and manufactured under a Quality Management System as mandatory for medical products and it has been tested for numerous uses and reprocessing cycles and was found to be very durable.
What happens if the G-EYE® balloon is incidentally punctured?
The repair exchange of the G-EYE® balloon is about a similar effort of changing the bending rubber on the distal deflection part of the endoscope, which is simply the most common and minor repair on an endoscope
Is the G-EYE® balloon fragile or sensitive?
The G-EYE balloon comes as an integral part of the underlying endoscope and you may therefore conclude that is no more sensitive than the endoscope itself. What is good for your endoscope will be good for the G-EYE® balloon.
What is the warranty rendered for the G-EYE® balloon?
The G-EYE® balloon is typically provided with the same warranty as the underlying endoscope.
How can I be sure there is no leak in the G-EYE® balloon?
During the endoscopic procedure the technical integrity of the entire endoscope and the G-EYE® balloon is permanently monitored by the SPARK2C control unit, which would give an aural and optical alert in case of any leak to the system. A mobile leak tester is available to be used in the reprocessing room.
How do you insufflate and deflate the G-EYE® balloon and how quick is it?
The G-EYE® control unit called SPARK2C will upon activation insufflate and deflate the G-EYE® balloon in seconds. Activation is done via a simple ON/OFF foot or hand switch provided with the system.
How do I know the G-EYE® is functioning properly?
The G-EYE® control unit called SPARK2C has a startup sequence that ensures full integrity of the entire system once switched on and monitors full system integrity till it will be switched off at the end of the procedure.
Can the G-EYE® build pressure that endanger the patient and if so, what happens?
The G-EYE® is designed and built in a way that it cannot generate pressure exceeding a defined safety level. There are redundant features in the design preventing pressures exceeding beyond pre-defined levels.
What if I do not want to use the G-EYE® balloon during a certain procedure or at a time during a procedure
The G-EYE® is controlled by the SPARK2C, which has an ON/OFF switch for the balloon. If not used, the underlying endoscope will have the exact same properties as if the G-EYE® balloon wouldn’t be there. So just switch it ON or OFF as you deem appropriate for the case.
When during colonoscopy do you recommend insufflating the G-EYE® balloon?
After reaching the cecal pole and prior to starting the withdrawal would be a good moment to insufflate the G-EYE®
Does the G-EYE® require a special technique for colonoscopy?
The G-EYE® will fit seamlessly into your personal way to make colonoscopies.
What is the learning curve for the G-EYE®
The G-EYE®, due to its seamless integration into your equipment and routine is rather intuitive to use. The study on file is suggesting that the learning curve is very few procedures only.
Is the G-EYE® made for beginners or experts?
The G-EYE® is designed to smoothen colon topography and straightening haustral folds. Any user will benefit from this effect.
For which procedures is the G-EYE® recommended?
Literally every colonic procedure will benefit from the features of the G-EYE® may it be for the reduced slippage, detection yield or stabilization during intervention or improved maneuverability in the anatomy
How does the G-EYE® change or impact the endoscope properties?
There are no changes to the endoscope properties if the G-EYE® balloon is not used, but its benefits are available once the G-EYE® balloon is inflated.
Is the G-EYE® compromising patient comfort?
According to data on file patients have no sensation of the G-EYE® balloon presence or its inflation status. Moreover, in a G-EYE® procedure the patient comfort may benefit from lesser volume of air or CO2 insufflated into the colon, which may expedite well-being of the patient during recovery.
What happens if the G-EYE® balloon hits a narrow lumen, flexure or a stricture?
The G-EYE® control unit called SPARK2C will automatically and dynamically adjust the G-EYE® balloon based on proprietary algorithms built into the system.
What is the material the G-EYE® balloon is made of?
The G-EYE® balloon material is SMART’ proprietary trade secret and it is free of Latex.
Is the G-EYE® a patented technology?
The number of granted and submitted patents around the G-EYE® and its technology is well exceeding one hundred and continuous to grow all around the globe and in key markets
What are the contraindications for the G-EYE®?
The contraindications for the G-EYE® - if any – depend on the underlying endoscope and the regulatory approval as applicable in the country of use. Please refer to the instructions for use as appropriate for your G-EYE® product
What is the cost of the G-EYE® and its control unit SPARK2C?
The G-EYE® is a very affordable innovation that comes at a rather reasonable performance/cost ratio. Price is no reason not to use the G-EYE® and its detection benefits as proven in clinical studies.
How does the G-EYE® compare to competing products?
While some initially competing products have been taken from the market and others have not shown any significant improvement in detection rates according to published studies, the G-EYE® remains unique in its design, features and concept and based on its patented technology. We are unaware of any other product being on par with the G-EYE® benefits and specifications.
Where can I buy the G-EYE®?
Please contact us through this website and we will let you know the relevant contact for your country of use.