Endoscopy, The SMART Way


The G-EYE® Endoscope is constructed of a standard endoscope with a reusable balloon at its bending section. As demonstrated by clinical studies, this novel endoscope enables increased diagnostic yield during colonoscopy, endoscope stabilization during therapy, and extended operation range in the colon. With the balloon moderately inflated, the G-EYE® endoscope provides haustral folds straightening and enhanced detection capabilities. Upon need, the balloon can be readily inflated to anchor and stabilize the endoscope during intervention.

Key Features:

  • Increased Polyp and Adenoma Detection Rates
  • Expedites therapeutic intervention
  • Seamless Integration into your current work routine
  • Intuitive, easy to operate, short learning curve
  • Cost effective in Colonoscopy

Product Specifications

Avilable endoscopes Various brands and models
Balloon Diameter Up to 60mm
Inflated Balloon Set Pressure 70mbar
Controlled Withdrawal™ pressure 3 intermediate pressure levels
SPARK2C Power Supply 100V - 240VAC; 50-60Hz