Endoscopy, The SMART Way
What is the purpose of the NaviAid™ AB?
The NaviAidTM AB is intended to perform on-demand deep small bowel enteroscopy, either upper or lower.
How deep can I reach with the NaviAid™ AB?
The NaviAidTM AB enables advancement of up to 350cm in the jejunum and 150cm in the ileum.
What endoscopes can I use with the NaviAid™ AB?
Any endoscope having a tool channel larger than 3.7mm, hence all colonoscopes and various pediatric colonoscopes and therapeutic gastroscopes
Is there any special preparation before the procedure?
No. During the procedure you can always decide whether or not you wish to use the device..
How much time does it take?
Once in the small bowel, deep advancement requires a few minutes only. Average time is around 7 minutes.
Can I perform therapy while using the NaviAid™ AB?
The NaviAidTM AB can be taken out at any time during the procedure. Once use of any other accessory is concluded, the NaviAidTM AB can be inserted again to continue advancement or perform Controlled WithdrawalTM.
Is there any risk involved in using the NaviAid™ AB?
=Risks involved in using the NaviAidTM AB are no different than those incurred in endoscopy in general. No adverse event has been reported that is related to the use of the NaviAidTM AB.