Endoscopy, The SMART Way


The G-EYE® Colonoscope is constructed of a standard, 510(k) cleared colonoscope, which is remanufactured to include a reusable and reprocessable balloon at its bending section. During colonoscopy, withdrawal of the colonoscope with the G-EYE® balloon moderately inflated flattens colon folds, centralizes the optics within the colonic lumen, and assists in controlling the view-field and positioning of the colonoscope. Upon need, the G-EYE® balloon can be inflated at anchoring pressure to stabilize the colonoscope tip during endoscopic intervention and therapy. Published clinical studies (GASTROINTESTINAL ENDOSCOPY-Volume 89, No.3:2019 & Endoscopy 2015; 47(03): 238-244) have demonstrated increased adenoma detection yield and lower miss-rate when using the G-EYE® Colonoscope, in comparison to standard colonoscopy.

Key Features:

  • Assisting in the control of colonoscope’s view-field and positioning
  • Flattening colon folds and centralizing colonoscope’s optics
  • Reducing bowel slippage during colonoscope’s withdrawal
  • Stabilizing colonoscope’s tip during therapeutic intervention
  • Reusable, reprocessable balloon, forming part of the remanufactured colonoscope

Product Specifications

Available endoscopes Selected 510(k) cleared brands and models
Balloon Diameter Up to 60mm
Inflated Balloon Set Pressure 70mbar
Controlled Withdrawal™ pressure 3 intermediate pressure levels
SPARKC Power Supply 100V - 240VAC; 50-60Hz